Your enter the dark cave, a strange place with dark magic and weird monsters. With your bag of cards, you have to defeat all the 5 floors to win.

The game is a card game, where every card you play and every hit you take go on board. The board represent your energy, if full you’re dead. Manage your board, discover combo and fight your way through victory !

The game contains 12 cards, 4 bosses and 6 enemies offering a good replay value for a gamejam game.

this is my 10th ( i think ?) ludum dare and the most polished game i have made. I’m very proud of this game and i hope you will like it too !

PlatformsAndroid, HTML5
GenreCard Game
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 42
LinksLudum Dare


build_android.apk 22 MB
Download 14 MB
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Download 373 kB

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